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In the life of Tapan Shastri, the vital moto is to head towards brightness, erasing out darkness. In the history of Indian astrology this is what has been written : - TAMOSAY MAA JYOTIRGOMAY. His Knowledge about astrology has benefited live's of most of the people. His diciples get drenched in the drop of his enlitement, understand the true meaning of life. His name itself is a milestone in the infinite world of Indian astrology.

As the Sun removes darkness and lead our life into a new day of brightness & light, Tapan Shastri has also enlightened lives of a huge number of people. All caste, creed, gender in equilities remain undifferenciated in the eyes of Tapan Shastri. Following him many common people also gets motivated to offers themselves to the feet of goddess KALI.

In the life style of Tapan Shastri's, there is love, care & concern for mankind in abundance with his unnatural power and heart filled of love, he brings every one close to him.

Tapan Shastri keeps himself duely involved in various social works and services such as clothes and foods to poor needy people, in relief funds etc. May Tapan Shastri's spiritual deeds gets distributed among every one. To make our troublesome life into a beautiful and organised one, we want Tapan Shastri to be the way maker.

অনবদ্য চারখানি বই শ্রীতপন শাস্ত্রী রচিত:---------

>> জীবন জিঞ্জাসা

>> জীবন জোতিষ

>> জীবন দর্পন

>> জীবন সমবৃদ্ধি


ত্রছাড়া শ্রীতপন শিস্ত্রীর গাওয়া গানের সি.ডি. পাওয়া যাচ্ছে।
সঙ্গে গেয়েছেন কুমার শানু, অন্বেষা, ইন্দ্রানী সেন, শম্পা কুন্ডু, তরুন সরকার প্রমুখ।

জীবন দর্পন
জীবন জিঞ্জাসা
জীবন জোতিষ
জীবন সমবৃদ্ধি